• Visa Guidance
    We have long experiences in assisting students for applying for Visa. Our directors have been in the visa business for several years and are well versed with all the formalities to obtain foreign visas.

  • Bank Loan
    We assist you with educational loans, foreign exchange formalities and help you to understand all your financial queries.

  • Travel
    We also assist students for their travel plans. We helps with their travel options and arrange both formal and informal pre-departure briefings to prepare students before they leave India.

  • Buddy Program
    A new country and lots of new things to learn, we understand the complexity so we help students by assigning a buddy for their help, who will assist them to ease the initial stay in foreign country. Some of the services included are:

    • Accommodation
      We help in finding a initial accommodation for students even before they arrive at their destination. So that they can directly focus on their studies and do not have to struggle finding an accommodation.

    • Insurance
      Insurance is must in germany. As per our previous experience we help students to find suitable insurance for them.

    • Banking Facilities
      On initial arrival there are some bank facilities which have to be completed. Your buddy help you to understand all the formalities and make it an easy process for you.
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