Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of research, science and technology. It have more than 800 International Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs. Degree programmes “Made in Germany” are recognized worldwide. English is medium of instruction for many of them.

Combination of theoretical and practical/industrial experience (bridges the gap between Theory and Practice)
The universities and the obtained graduate degree are well-known all over the world and show the future employer that the student had a firm basic education and also got further knowledge. At German universities the practical part of the studies has an important part to play. Internships have to be done in many programs of study and every professor recommends doing one. The big industry and especially the large cities provide many opportunities for these internships. One can absolve them in the most different kinds of disciplines and companies.

Studying in Germany is unlike in the Indian system of education offers a chance to students to gain independence and plan their independent course of study and research. Each student makes and follows his/her own study plan and as a result grasps much more than they would normally.

Studying in a foreign university is not only limited to books and notes, it opens the student to a whole new world of research right from book and journal based research to film and internet study. The teachers and professors abroad treat students as mature adults and they view students as their contemporaries. This encourages students to develop their own reasoning and thought process, while not only learning but also debating and critiquing subjects and the works of others.

Furthermore, studying in Germany not only provides interesting topics but also numerous free time activities and many travel opportunities. It is really worth, getting to know this country in the heart of Europe.

Academic Sessions

A few universities are now offering flexi semesters and admit students through the year. You can plan your period of study to suite your convenience – September or January or even May/June.